La Journée du Reggae

La Journée du Reggae

Depuis 27 ans, le 1er juillet célèbre la musique reggae. Peu importe vraiment pourquoi ce jour précis, peut être parce que c'est le jour où Toots and the Maytals a enregistré son tube "Do the Reggae" en 1968.

Anygroin, pour parler de la naissance du Reggae, le Groin préfère les paroles de Max Roméo dans son morceau "The Birth of Reggae Music":

In the beginning was a riddim
Then jah put the bass in
With a rockin four four timin
Reggae music was born
The riddim of jah music

From the mountains and the ghettos
From the anger of the people
From the soundin of their souls
It's a feeling not a learnin
It's a knowing and believing

A riddim in the living (reality, reality, reality)
From the spirit of jah rasta
In the druming in the night
Send a message onto babylon
We will not give up the fight

For righteousness and liberty
'Til all aggressions cease
And the music of jah people
Is the living song of peace

The birth of reggae music

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