22 mai journée internationale de la diversité biologique

May 22 international day for biological diversity

This day is Biodiversity and Nature Day .

And we are also part of it, the snouts and all the other critters, small or large, visible or invisible, even humans are in the same boat as us! Diversity is the richness of our nature. DNA is a wonder of nature, it creates snouts of all kinds, colors and shapes. And the best part is that we all share this treasure together.

Nature is like your mother, you shouldn't play with her too much either. And there, the human cousins ​​did not go there with a dead hand. They have Knowledge yet. But Groin! They went to Cousin Chauve-Souris, who, of course, is chock-full of natural viruses. That's because she sleeps upside down, it's not Groin, but hey... So they went to the cousin's, they over-boosted her to make her a genetic bat/man, someone one farted, and they're all in the middle of a pandemic...

Good family, we stay between suids ( the Wiki article for those who want the knowledge of humans on this subject), see you tomorrow, have a nice day!

Nature Day

For Nature

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