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Still on the theme of Art and the Pig, here is our series of funny illustrations to illustrate the Great History of Art, a panorama of illustrations of the great periods of the history of art, represented by sections of pig bacon. This series of posters and visuals aims to illustrate simply and with humor the great History of Art.

The result of this graphic work is a series of 50 slices of bacon: illustrations from cave art to today's arts. By using bacon as an iconography of Art, the History of Art becomes more accessible and readable for the gourmands that we are. A popularization performance which proves the universality of art and the popularity of bacon.

Original and fun posters that stimulate the mind, tickle the zygomaticus and awaken the pig in you. The ideal poster to decorate your kitchen or dining room with originality and culture.

It's also the perfect gift poster for all lovers of bacon, culture and offbeat humor. A poster and illustrations aimed at all age categories.

The poster "The History of Art, in Slices of Bacon" is a unique and original work that combines art and humor in an offbeat way. It is made up of 50 slices of bacon, each representing a masterpiece of art history.

The poster covers a period ranging from prehistoric art to contemporary art. There we find emblematic works of painting, sculpture, architecture and photography.

A humorous and offbeat concept. The idea of ​​representing masterpieces of art with slices of bacon is both humorous and offbeat. It is an invitation to smile and see art with a new eye. This poster is ideal for lovers of art and humor. It is an original and quirky gift, which is sure to please.

A unique piece, The poster "The history of art, in slices of bacon" is a unique piece, which will not be found in everyone's home. It is a true work of art in itself, which will be a sensation in your interior.

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If you are looking for an original and humorous poster, the "The History of Art, in Slices of Bacon" poster is made for you. Order it today and experience art in a new way.

The poster “The history of art in slices of bacon” is an invitation to question the nature of art and its role in society. It invites us to think about what art is, and what it means to us. It also invites us to think about the place of art in our society. The “The History of Art in Slices of Bacon” poster is an original and offbeat gift for lovers of art and humor. It is a unique way to discover art in a new way.