Collection: Funny pig on kitchen Aprons for gourmet, bacon lover and french culture fan

A pig-themed kitchen apron is an original and fun gift that can be given to all lovers of cooking, quirky humor and pigs.

A GIFT FOR A COOKING LOVER: Our pig themed cooking apron is a great way to show a friend or family member that you love their cooking and have a sense of humor. It's always nicer to cook with an apron that makes you smile.

You can gift a pig-themed cooking apron to a friend who loves cooking pork dishes, like bacon, ham, or filet mignon. You can also offer a pig-themed cooking apron to a lover of traditional cuisine, such as pork stew or sauerkraut.

A person with a sense of humor will appreciate a pig-themed kitchen apron as a fun and original gift.

If you know someone who loves pigs, a pig-themed kitchen apron is a perfect gift. It will allow him to show his passion for these animals in a fun and original way.

An art history kitchen apron is an original and unusual gift that can be given to many different people. Here are some ideas of people to give this type of gift to:

Our collection of kitchen aprons on the History of Art combined with a slice of bacon is a gourmet and cultural gift at the same time, and will please any lover of cooking and art history. Our Cri du lard kitchen apron is a tribute to cooking and the expressionist artist Edvard Munch.

For big fans of Bacon and dark humor, our JE SUIS BACON kitchen apron is the ultimate outfit to have behind the stove.

For surfers who love traditional dishes, cook with our pig and pig's trotters themed apron.

Our kitchen aprons are also made for fans of geek culture and manga. Entertain your geek friends by giving them our Nicky Lardon table or the Ninja Turtles Brigade in the kitchen.

With our Bring in the Fat apron, you will leave no doubt about your way of cooking, nor about your taste for detective TV series.