Product manufacturing

The Groin is a dreamer and his first intention is to be able to offer you as many visuals as possible. As the Groin is not rich and his Groincherie is very small, he cannot order unique models of T-shirts, of all sizes and all designs. It can't of course store them either. Ditto for posters or accessories.

This is why the Groin has chosen print on demand, a digital printing technique that allows the production of a single copy. And because the Groin wants above all to leave a positive imprint on the planet, the t-shirts available in the shop use 100% organic cotton with eco-responsible labels such as Oeko Tex, Fair Wear, GOTS and PePA Vegan . The poster paper is museum quality, with a gycle-like grammage and printing.

Le Groin is also a fan of short circuits, so the t-shirts are printed in France. Le Groin is based in Montpellier, to launch this project, Le Groin has selected a third party supplier located within a radius of 100 km who takes care of the production and the sending of our orders.

The designs or visuals offered are 100% original creations by Le Groin. Le Groin is a registered trademark.