Collection: Parody Poster Cinema and Cult Movies, Pig in the Seventh Art

Don't look elsewhere for original and beautiful posters to decorate your home, your office or your business! We imagined this collection of parodic illustrations to create a Humor and Cinema series by diverting the posters of major cinema films that have become cult. Whether it's the poster for a classic French film, a comedy or a Hollywood blockbuster, we don't make a difference, we stick our noses in. Our posters are original works that approach pop culture with humor and gently pastiche big movie posters.
This series of film posters is rich in cultural references, it is part of the so-called humor of parody and diversion. Cinema posters of famous films are revisited with dirty humor, creating an illustrated series where absurd humor collides with popular culture. These cult film posters are an ideal gift for any lover of cinema, parody and absurd humor. The goal of our creations is to make you smile and to pay homage with humor to your favorite film. Display revisited posters on the pig theme from cult films and bring a touch of humor, culture and originality to the decoration of your walls.
You are looking for funny illustrations on the theme of cinema, pig and bacon, you are in the right place. Here, we play around with culture and cinema to create posters tirelessly taking up the theme of the pig and its famous snout. Posters that highlight absurd French humor, a humor of the bon vivant, gourmand who likes pork and licking your fingers in front of a good cult film.
The list of nominees for the Festival du Cinéma Gras et Films Culte is non-exhaustive, the posters of the following cult films have passed through the Groin reel and found themselves trashed.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, La Folie des Grandeurs, Roller Ball, 1975, Cabbage Soup, Goodbye Icons, The Fly, Brice de Nice, The Icons' Dinner, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly , Rocky Balboa, Santa Claus is trash, Emmanuelle, Pulp Fiction, Scary Movie, War of Fire, Army of the 12 Monkeys, It happened near you, But where did the 7th company go? The Ace of Aces, The Bronzed, The Pink Panther, The Big Blond with a Black Shoe, Operation Dragon, …