Collection: Pig T Shirt, Absurd Humor and funny illustrations

Our original T-shirts are based on pig humor, our illustrations parody pop culture, with our pig snout we break the codes to offer you funny T-shirts to wear and nice to give as gifts. Our pig snout on your clothes is the French Touch of Fashion.

Our collection of t-shirts is humorously inspired by the things we love, such as music, the world of skateboarding, surfing and sport, cinema, gastronomy, video games, social phenomena, arts, culture and pork. With our dirty humor, we don't hesitate to mix universes to bring to our T-Shirts the absurd and offbeat humor that we love so much.

All our t-shirts are designed and printed in France. The illustrations we offer on our T-Shirts are humorous but our t-shirts are rather thick and have very serious labels such as GOTS, Fair Wear and Vegan Peta.