Collection: Optical Illusion Poster, Op Art Decoration and Pig Humor

They say that everything is an illusion, with this series of posters we are going to test the improbable marriage between the Art of optical illusion and the pig. The result gives us graphic, designer and funny posters, with this pig's nose which plays with the psychology of the human brain.

Stand out from the crowd with an original and artistic wall decoration, our posters of optical illusions on the theme of the pig, are of museum quality, they will add to your decoration a graphic and humorous touch at the same time. Having a poster of an optical illusion created by Le Groin is the assurance of bringing a touch of originality, humor and design to your interior.

Plus, let's admit it, by adding our little pig nose, our posters are funny and offbeat, it gives us posters full of humor and parody. Dirty humor, but it's this little touch of absurd humor that we claim.

Our collection of design posters and graphic posters are the result of the meeting of Optical Art and Pig Bacon. The master of Op Art as he is also called is Victor Vasarely, a Hungarian visual artist of genius, he will mark the History of Art of the 20th century, he is generally recognized as the father of Optical Art. Apparently he had the character of a pig.

Our illustrations want to bring a touch of humor to this very technical art; In our posters, our pig's nose slips between the lines, blends into the perspective and plays with your perception.

Here, you will find a series of design posters, mixing optical art and the pig theme. An artistic performance to create one-of-a-kind posters, a true graphic homage to optical art and our little pig ungulate. The strong contrast between the world of optical illusions and the world of the pig, the play between the contrasts of black and white or color, the geometric repetition of shapes, our posters from the optical illusion collection completely repeat the codes optical art. Le Groin also has his own code, that of creating graphic and offbeat visual works, always on the theme of the pig.

Printing: Museum quality matte or glossy paper Print quality known as “Giclée”, 12 colors Paper weight: 250 g/m2 FSC label