A Funny Pig for Bacon Lovers and Art Fan

Do you enjoy this pig, do you not ? Whether you find the animal cute or you enjoy eating it with "salt and well-cooked" as our friend Solard sang, this website is for you!

The Groin is the snout of the pig, the porcine, the wild boar, the moles, and the shrews. They use it for digging, which means to excavate the ground or soil. This is why, for example, pigs are used to find truffles. As for us, the Groin uses its snout to find puns, wordplay, parodies, and pastiches to create its creations. Here, we display our pig and lard on our walls with high quality prints or proudly wear it on our clothing (T-shirts, sweatshirts, kitchen apron).

On the theme of the pig, we revisit pop culture, parody cult movie posters, divert brand logos, art history, in short we make a pâté of culture, which amuses us greatly! The Groin is the pig, it is fat, absurd, and endearing. The visuals of our posters and billboards are of a quirky, gluttonous, humorous, and playful humor.

The illustrations are all creations of the artist Melkan Bassil, based in Montpellier, Occitanie. Printing and shipping are also done from the region. The inks and materials used are organic, ethical, and respect the environment as much as we respect ourselves.

If you are a fan of the concept and you want to support us, it is very easy: talk about us to your friends, share our creations, subscribe to our social media, and offer our products as gifts.