27 juin La Journée des micros, petites et moyennes entreprises

June 27 Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Day

The Groin is not against entrepreneurship, on the contrary the approach is healthy, wanting to do and always better than saying it...

To micro-enterprises, the Groin says to you: “Be happy little micro-enterprises, the doors of Paragroin are wide open to you”.

To small companies, the Groin says: "Honor to you little ants, and don't forget that against Goliath the Force is useless, you have to know how to aim for the Groin".

To medium-sized companies, the Groin says: “Know how to achieve your dreams without forgetting the path taken, reach down, this is how a company rises”.

Don't eat too many Groinlards, it makes you fart...

Micro Small Medium enterprises groin

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