Am, Stram, Gram origine et détournement de la comptine

Am, Stram, Gram origin and diversion of the nursery rhyme

Like all little Groins, the Groin sang this nursery rhyme without understanding these enchanting and funny words:

Am str Groin
Woodpecker and woodpecker and cole Groin
Bour and bour and ratatam
Am str Groin

Today, although an adult, the Groin still remembers this bizarre formula by heart and he is surely not the only one, is he?

This rhyme is what we might call an old collective treasure from past ages, where mages and wizards, where men and women still called upon the deities of Nature. And in those times, Gram is none other than the Wolf.

Little by little, the imagination of the little Groins has phonetically diverted this magic formula to the four corners of the world. Here's what the original incantation said:

Emstrang Gram,
Bigà bigà ic calle Gram
Bure bure ic raede tan
Emstrang Gram

So, can we ask ourselves if there would not be a wolf in an Insta Gram?

Am Stram Gram origin

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