The best Christmas gift for pig and art lovers

The poster "The history of art in slices of bacon is an original and offbeat gift which will surely please lovers of art and good food. This poster is at the same time funny, educational and original. It represents the history of art through 50 slices of bacon, each representing a work of art from a different period or artistic movement.

The association of bacon and art in a poster on the history of art is both funny and offbeat. This poster is a gift that is sure to make you smile. This perfect gift for a dad or a friend who is a foodie and passionate about art and is also an original way to learn the history of art. It is fun and accessible to everyone. A unique and unexpected Christmas gift, perfect for people who have a sense of originality.

The poster is a work of art in itself. It is produced with care and humor playing with art and bacon.

Where to hang the illustrated art history poster? The poster "The History of Art in Slices of Bacon" is a decorative object that can be hung in any room in the house. It is ideal for decorating a kitchen, an office, an entrance but will also decorate the walls of your business, especially if it is a food business.

The poster is a perfect gift for a birthday, Christmas or any other special occasion. It can be offered alone or accompanied by one of our t-shirts on the history of art and pigs.

The "The History of Art in Slices of Bacon" poster is an ideal gift for lovers of art and good food. It is funny, educational and original at the same time.

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