La Folie des Grandeurs


“My good Blaze, flatter me! ", "my Seign'Or, he is the Gold, the Gold to wake you up", "one is missing", etc, etc... We no longer count the cult replicas of this 1971 European super production by Gérard Oury , with Louis de Funès, Yves Montan and Alice Sapritch.

Yet basically, it's a romantic drama written by Victor Hugo, a play in five acts, Ruy Blas. And for this free comic adaptation, it should have been Bourvil in the role of valet and not Yves Montan. Death decided otherwise...

As for the original poster, Charles Helmut Rau (1915-2016) was the author. Rau was a painter, poster artist and photographer. We owe him many famous and striking posters of their time, including the famous Golden Age, exhibited at the Georges Pompidou Center. Charles h. Rau also worked for more than 15 years with the Crazy Horse, imposing his very graphic touch on photography.

The Groin pays a vibrant tribute to all these talented people who have done well, making us LAUGH!

The LA FOLIE DES GROINDEURS poster is available as a poster on the website in A4, A3, A2 and A1 formats, on Fine Art paper and with high quality printing.

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