Parodie affiche cinema film culte Adieu les Cons

Parody poster cinema cult film Adieu les Cons

Basically, the Groin adores Albert Dupontel, since his beginnings, his lively commitment, his caustic humor and his melancholy seduced the Groin.

True to his legend, the actor-director offers us with Adieu les Cons, a tale of modern times, a critique of individualistic and guilt-ridden, thirsty society, where the characters wander between despair and hope until their last flight.

The film poster is also very poignant, a success resulting from the genius of Laurent Lufroy, great poster designer, in collaboration with Lululolo (source Ciné Ressources)

Le Groin pays homage to all this work by parodying the poster of this film which knew how to make his Groin beat.

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