Parodie affiche cinéma La Mouche de David Cronenberg

Parody movie poster The Fly by David Cronenberg

As soon as the Groin thinks of this film, La Mouche by David Cronenberg, he has the flesh of Groin, and above all he feels teleported in time… And not necessarily in a better time… it was the year 1987!

This SF film marked the Groin, the hero of the film Seth invented the Telepod, he can teleport an object from one cabin to another. The day Seth tries it on himself, a fly slips into the Telepod with him and the two entities merge… Bzzzzz I let you imagine…

Each Groin parody poster is a tribute to a cult film. I couldn't find the author of the original poster, in any case his realization, strong, remained somewhere in the cortex of Groin, it had to come out.

The poster of this parody is available on the site in A4, A3, A2 and A1, on Fine Art paper and with a high quality print.

Groin cinema parody Cult film poster The Fly

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