Rollerball 1975 James Caan

Rollerball 1975 James Caan

A cult film with James Caan, nothing to do with its remake with Jean Reno! In a future without a nation and dominated by corporations, the people unleash their passions around Rollerball, in arenas and around a track, two teams of 12 “roller gladiators” each compete (9 on rollerblades and 3 on motorbike). Both sides fight over a steel ball.

In a world à la Akira and around this hyper-violent sport, the film offers us an acid critique of society.

The original poster is by Bob Peak, who also created those for Star Trek, Apocalypse Now and Superman, among others.

For the record, it is this poster of Rollerball, which inspired the typo of the logo of the Scorpions group.

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